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Welcome to The Annihilator--a continuation of CJA News in 2002!

CJA scores big at VA Challenge

A number of CJA wrestlers distinguished themselves at the Virginia Challenge this past weekend, enabling CJA to place 4th in the 5-6 grade division and 2nd in the 7/8th grade division.
Congrats to all, and thanks to CJA's outstanding coaches for their dedication!

Winning wrestlers were:

Craig Batista 1st-90 (5/6)
Scott Winston 1st-100 (5/6)
Charlie Frankel 4th-65 (5/6)
Mike Bandiero 4th-70 (5/6)

Dan White 1st-70 (7/8)
Steve Fallon 1st-75 (7/8)
John Mangini 1st-105 (7/8)
Luke Lanno 2nd-95 (7/8)
Anthony DeLeo 2nd-135
Nick Parisi 3rd-140 (7/8)
Peter Simon 6th-130 (7/8)

Mangini captures double--Kitchen earns 4th

John Mangini placed First at the Southern Jersey High School Wrestling Tournament Sunday May 7th in both the Jr. Varsity and Varsity 103 lb. weight class divisions.

Justin Kitchen also wrestled and placed 4th.

Congratulations, men!

CJA wrestlers score at Ohio TOC
posted 5/3/02
Like the Energizer Bunny, John Mangini just keeps going and going...
John won his fourth Tournament of Champions Title in Ohio last weekend. He competed in the Schoolboy 100lb Division.
State Champion Luke Lanno also did well by being a finalist and placing 2nd in the Schoolboy 92lb.Division.
Steve Fallon placed 3rd in the Schoolboy 75 lb. division and Travis Blasco placed 7th in the Cadet 105lb. Division.

Mangini continues winning ways

Congratulations are in order once again for John Mangini.

John placed First at the MAWA Southern Regionals two weekends ago. He competed in the Intermediate Division 110lb weight class.
This weekend, John placed First at the Peddie Freestyle Ranking Tournament this past
weekend. This qualified him to be a member of the New Jersey Indiana Schoolboy Team.

Good Luck, John!

Big weekend for CJA Wrestlers!

Kudos are in order for many of our CJA wrestlers after Easter Week.

Anthony De Leo placed 1st at the MAWA district qualifier in Pennsville at 136 lbs. Intermediate.

 John Mangini competed at the Cliff-Keen Reno World Championships this past weekend and placed First. He competed in the 105lb.weight class 12&u division. This was John's 16th National Title and with this Championship John was awarded the Cliff-Keen World of Wrestling Trinity Award. This award is presented to wrestlers who have placed First at the Cliff-Keen Kick-off Classic, Tulsa Nationals and the Reno World Championships in the same year.

At the same Reno Tournament, Joe Bubenheimer took a third place in a bracket that had 111 wrestlers. Joe also earned the distinction of besting Cael Sanderson's younger brother, Cyler, a state champion at 115 lbs.

In other out-of-state action, Travis Blasco (100) and Brett Epps (125) traveled to Iowa as part of Team NJ Elite to compete in the AAU Nation Middle School Duals. Despite forfeiting three weight classes at every match, the NJ team took 5th Place in the nation at a tournament which hosted close to thirty teams.

Travis went a blistering 8-1, earning tournament recognition and an individual Silver medal for his efforts.
Brett posted a 4-5 record with three pins, but gave up a forfeit win and bumped up to tussle with the Nebraska State Champion.
Brett's highlight was a 1:55 pin of the South Dakota State Folkstyle and Freestyle Champion.

Congratulations to all the CJA wrestlers on impressive performances!  

CJA wrestlers dominate Parsippany Tournament 3/30-02

Midget 67 Michael Pysniak 1st
Midget 77 Tom Hogan 1st
Midget 87 Robert Meade 1st
Junior 62 Charlie Frankel - Morganville 2nd
Junior 87 Craig Batista - Perth Amboy 1st
Junior 127 Peter Simon - Perth Amboy 1st
Freshman 117 Joe Bubenheimer - Perth Amboy 1st

Mangini captures AAU Folkstyle Championship

Wrestling in the 100 lb. Schoolboy division, CJA's John Mangini placed First at the AAU Folkstyle Nationals in
Pontiac Michigan this past weekend. This was John's 15th National Title.

Congratulations, John!

One Bantam, Two Midgets place at Kids' States

March 23-24, 2002

Bantam 60 pounder Dallas Winston battled back bravely and captured 6th place at the Kids States in Union last Saturday.

He was joined on the medal stand the following day by
Tom Hogan (M-75) and Robert Meade (M-85). Both wrestlers fought their way to third place finishes in weight classes loaded with talent.
Congratulations, men!

CJA posts five state youth wrestling champions

March 17, 2002

On what is usually supposed to be a great weekend for the wearing of the green, the CJA wrestling club of North Brunswick was wearing a different color--Gold.

That's because five of Gene Lezark's wrestlers won state titles at Lakewood this past weekend at the Kids State Wrestling tournament.

In the Junior division which wrestled Saturday, four local boys won championships. Dan White of South Brunswick took his second consecutive state title, this one at 65 lbs. Hazlet's Luke Lanno earned the state crown at 90 lbs, while Scott Winston and JC Bandiero, both from Edison, took top honors at 95 and 105 lbs. respectively. Victor Mocco of Bernardsville (INT 150 lbs.) earned his crown on Sunday.
"Their hard work paid off," said Gene, delighted with the performances of his young charges. "That state title doesn't come easily to anyone."

Though the number one slot eluded some of Gene's other students, CJA also had a number of wrestlers place in the top eight in the state.

Marlboro's Charlie Frankel (JR 60) took a 4th, Steve Fallon (JR 75) of Old Bridge won 6th, as did East Brunswick's Todd Maryott. Perth Amboy's Craig Batista (JR 85) earned a 7/8 finish. In the upper weights, Woodbridge's Peter Simon (JR 126) also earned a 6th place medal at Saturday's event.

Likewise on Sunday, the CJA Intermediates were well-represented on the medal stand.

Travis Blasco (100) of Old Bridge took 3rd place, while John Mangini (105) took 2nd. Marlboro's Anthony DeLeo (126) and Nick Parisi (133) took 5th place and 4th place respectively, while Iselin's Hector Gonzalez registered a 7/8 finish.
Congratulations to all!

CJA Wrestlers from Woodbridge earn tourney honors

Robert Meade captured 1st place honors in the 85 lb. weight class at the Upper Perks Tourney in Pennsburg, PA on March 2. Meade also earned Gold the following day on March 3 in the 90 lb class in Stroudsburg . On March 9, Robert captured 1st place again in the Warwick Tourney in Warwick , NY and was chosen Outstanding Wrestler.

Also in Warwick, Chuck Sabin took 1st place in the 80 lb. Midget division and Tommy Hogan also earned a 1st place medal.

Congratulations, Men!
Mid-Jersey A League Tourney sports a CJA look
March 3, 2002
The Mid-Jersey A League tournament saw a number of CJA wrestlers win honors.
Billy Voutsinas took the Gold medal at 80 lbs. and also captured the OW Award for the Lower Weights.
Craig Batista took the Gold at 85 lbs. as did Scott Winston at 95lbs.
If your CJA wrestler placed in this tournament, please notify us at and we'll update accordingly.

More Mangini Magic

John placed First at the MAWA District Qualifier in
Toms River on Saturday March 16th. He competed in the Intermediate Division.

CJA wrestler takes honors

It's been a banner couple of weeks for CJA's John Mangini. John placed First in the Jr. High Division, 110 lb. weight class, at the Mustang Open on Saturday in Pennsylvania. The week before last, John also placed first at the Hazelton Tourney in Pa. Div. Jr. High (7th,8th and9th grades) and was also named the Outstanding Wrestler for the tournament.
John also placed First at the Stroudsburg Tournament Jr. High Division 108 weight class and placed 3rd in the 103lb High School Division.

Mid-Jersey League-Senior Division
CJA nearly sweeps Finals!
Every Gold medal winner at every weight class except for two was a CJA Wrestler! And a CJA wrestler placed second in one of those classes! Congratulations, men!

Dan White- 70 1st
Tom Hogan-75 1st
Craig Batista- 85 Ist
Scott Winston-95 1st
Kyle Wadiak-100 1st -2002 Season OW (LW)
JC Bandiero-105 1st
Justin DelPiano- 110 1st
Brett Epps-120 1st -2002 Season OW, Tournament OW (UW)
Anthony DeLeo-131 1st
Nick Parisi-139-1st
Steve Pelcione-148-1st
Derek Shelcusky- HWT 1st
Mike Bandiero-70 2nd
Joe Lanza-115 2nd
Sergio Garcia-120 3rd
Note: if your wrestler placed in the above tournament, send an e-mail to, or bring a note to Gene for inclusion on the website.

Berkeley Bash Tournament

John Mangini 1st INT103

Mid-Jersey League Tournament, B & C Divisions
February 17, 2002

Congratulations to the following CJA wrestlers who placed in the above tournament:

Charlie Frankel- 1st Pl. 63lb (Tournament OW, (LW)
Sam Emburgia-1st Pl. 67lb (2002 Season OW, (LW)
Robby Meade-1st Pl. 95lb
James Stewart (B-50) 2nd pl.

South Plainfield Tournament
This is one of the toughest tourneys around! Congratulations!

Craig Batista-1st Pl. 85-Jr.

If your wrestler placed in the above tournaments, send an e-mail to with the necessary information for posting, or bring a handwritten note to Gene. for inclusion.
South Jersey States News

Luke Lanno and Steve Fallon won the Eastern qualifier on 2/10/02 to qualify them for the South Jersey States held this past weekend. Lanno had two pins and a 2-0 win at the qualifier.

At the SJS Tournament on February 17 held at Lenape HS, Lanno (Jr. 90) won the title with two pins, a 9-0 and 6-0 win. Luke went unscored upon in both tournaments and recorded a pin in the finals.

Also taking a title to go with his Kids' state title from last year was Danny White who won the SJ States at Jr. 65.

Steve Fallon (Jr 75) and John Mangini (INT 105) earned second place medals, as did JC Bandiero Jr. 105) and Victor Mocco (INT 150).

Congratulations, men!

CJA Kids' States Qualifiers
The following CJA wrestlers have already qualified for the NJ Kids States Tournament:

Randolph Qualifier

Scott Winston 1st Jr. 95
JC Bandiero 1st Jr. 105
CJ Mooney 1st Jr. 133

Toms River Qualifier

Danny White 1st Jr. 65
Craig Batista 2nd Jr. 85
Luke Lanno 1st Jr. 90
David Amrhein 3rd Jr. 119
Anthony DeLeo 1st INT 126

Union Qualifier

Brett Epps 1st INT 126
Steve Pellicione 1st INT 150
Gary Siriday 3rd B 50
Dallas Winston 2nd B 55
Charlie Frankel 1st Jr. 60
Mikey Bandiero 1st Jr. 65
Robert J Meade 1st 85 Midget
Billy Voutsinas 2nd Jr. 80
Mike Pysniak 2nd M 70
Travis Blasco 2nd INT 100
Nick Parisi 3rd INT 133

North Burlington Qualifier

Michael Muha 1st Jr 90 ,
Kyle Wadiak 1st INT 95
Justin Del Piano 2nd INT 112
Derek Shelcusky 2nd INT 150
Kevin Wadiak 3rd Jr 65

North Hunterdon Qualifier

Victor Mocco- 1st INT 150

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